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Getting Rid of Condensation and Black Mold in Home

The key to solving your mold problem is to first control your condensation issues.

If the mold is growing in your home, you should definitely clean it up, but you have to also fix the condensation problem immediately. It’s impossible to get all of the mold spores out of your home as some spores can be found floating through the air and in the dust. Mold growth can be prevented by controlling the moisture in your home.

When there is a large temperature difference from the outside of your home to the inside of your home, condensation forms. It can form on the walls, your windows, doors, and pipes, as well as the walls of your basement. The condensation is more noticeable in the winter months because the cold outside air is working its way through your siding or foundation, traditional insulation, and drywall. Upgrading the insulation throughout your home with a material that creates an air seal, like foam, will help stop the outside air from getting in.

Once the condensation issue is handled, the mold problem it caused can be prevented.

If the mold in the home is caused by a more serious leak, then that leak will need to be repaired so the clean up can begin. 

If the mold in your home is in a small area, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends scrubbing the mold off of hard surfaces with detergent and water and making sure it is completely dry. It’s important to wear a respirator, gloves, and goggles.

For larger mold areas, you may want to hire a contractor that specializes in mold clean up.


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