• Mark Gordos


You have done your research online and possibly have read about spray foam horror stories. Quite a few of these stories have to do with off-gas. Off-gas is the fumes and smell produced when spray foam is applied. When contractors talk about off-gassing, what they’re talking about is the VOCs that cause the off-gassing. When it comes to off-gas, nearly 100% of this issue is caused by incorrect mixing of chemicals and/or sprayer ineptitude. With more than 22 years of experience, we use spray foam insulations that are considered to be premium products with low volatile organic compounds (VOC). Volatile organic compounds are compounds that have a high vapor pressure and low water solubility. The products we use and our proven track record of applications contradicts what you find on the internet.

Both open and closed cell spray foam emit dangerous fumes during application. This is why our sprayers wear special personal protective equipment to keep them safe. It is also the reason we firmly recommend vacating and not reoccupying a structure for twenty-four hours once spraying begins.

Spray foam has been proven to reduce energy costs for homeowners. It seemingly lasts forever. It creates an airtight home that keeps out pesky bugs and damaging moisture. It's been touted as safe for homeowners, provided the foam has had enough time to fully cure. You can be sure On The Mark takes every precaution to apply spray foam in a safe manner to eliminate potential hazards.

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