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Stop Paying High Utility Bills

Are high monthly energy bills stressing you out? The addition of insulation in your home can ease that stress as long as you choose the right materials and areas to insulate.

You may not think about it, but a good portion of your hard-earned money is going right out the roof. An attic is a sneaky place where either your heated air is escaping or summer air is sneaking in.

Cold floors are another thing that can run your monthly bills through the roof. You keep turning up the heat or a/c and the floors keep mocking you with their different temperature. This comes from e

ither the crawl space, rim joist, or even your walls.

While fiberglass and cellulose insulation can help with blocking some of that cold air from getting inside, it doesn’t stop it completely. Chances are you will still be dealing with bills that are higher than you want to pay.

The good thing about spray foam insulation is that it creates an air seal. That means the air you are paying to condition stays inside your home where it belongs while the outside air can’t make its way in. Traditional forms of insulation don’t create an air seal, so air can still move around and through it. Foam insula

tion doesn’t allow that to happen and saves you money in the long run.

When insulating your home with foam insulation the potential energy savings can be between 15 to 50 percent depending on the areas you insulate. The best bet is to insulate your entire home as it works as a system when you seal the entire building envelope.

Over time it is inevitable that fiberglass and cellulose insulation will need to be replaced in your home especially due to Florida's high humidity. Traditional insulation materials are known to break down, sag, and shift as time goes on. The replacement rate for these materials is around 8-10 years, not to mention the constant maintenance like raking drifted cellulose in the attic.

Spray foam and injection foam insulation never have to be maintained and never have to be replaced, as long as the product is installed properly, so it is good to hire a contractor who provides spray foam

with a lifetime warranty. Once the foam is installed in your home that is the end of it.

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