• Mark Gordos

You've Got Pests!

We often get questions about the use of spray foam to prevent pest infestations. Whether it is mice, rats, bats, termites, and/or bugs, spray foam can help deter the reoccurrence of infestations. However, no reputable spray foam company can guarantee pests will not get back inside.

Rats and mice are notorious "chewers" and can get through wood and foam. So, you might be thinking that spray foam is not much of a deterrent.

In all spray foam applications, the purpose is to create a sealed air envelope of the space. It is this air seal that actually is the best defense against pests. Creatures will seek shelter from the outside by searching the building for air leaks. Heat seeping from the attic or walls is an open invitation for pests to further explore. As you probably know, any size opening can be widened by rodents and it does not take a large hole for the pest to enter your building.

If you have a pest issue, the first step is to eliminate them either with DYI traps or by hiring an exterminator. Second step is to cover any large openings. Finally, installing spray foam will seal any smaller holes, create that air seal, and give you the added benefits of reducing the temperature in the building and reducing your energy consumption.

So, the bottom line is that spray foam is the best option for insulating and greatly reducing the chance of future infestations.

Photo courtesy of National Geographic, 6 MAR 2020

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